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What is Tempo?

Tempo is a non-cloud video player that plays your video files instantly off your computer or external hard drive.

Does Tempo work with any sport?

Yes! You can use Tempo not only for any sport, but any video file that is supported.

Are my videos uploaded to the internet?

No. Your Tempo library is stored on your local computer or external hard drive. If you set your library to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder, however, your cloud provider will upload the content to your cloud storage.

Can you share video files online in Tempo?

Yes! Set your Tempo library to a folder that your cloud storage monitors and anyone who has access to the folder in the cloud will automatically download any videos you copy or create.

What does "mark up" a video file mean?

Marking up a video file is the process of separating out events or plays. By setting a mark in point at the beginning of your play and a mark out point at the end, you will be able to tag data to your plays that allow you to easily filter, sort, and jump around a playlist.

Where is my data stored? What is a .tempo file?

Each video file in Tempo has a corresponding .tempo file. For example, if you have a file named game1.mp4, Tempo will create a game1.tempo file that will store all of the marks and data for the file. If you ever want to share your data, simply send them the .tempo file!