Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tempo?  (Watch 60 Second Answer)

Tempo is a non-cloud sports based video software that plays your video files instantly off your computer, external hard drive, or Dropbox / Google Drive.


Does Tempo work with any sport?

Yes. You can use our Tempo video player for any sport but also any video file.


Do you have to upload videos to the internet?

No. Tempo plays your videos directly off your computer at the highest quality (no upload compression). If you use Dropbox / Google Drive, once your computer finishes downloading the share drive, Tempo plays the video instantly off your share drive.


Can you share video files online in Tempo?

Yes. If you use Dropbox / Google Drive you can share videos from one computer using Tempo to the other.


What does “mark up” a video file mean?

The mark up feature allows you to take long duration videos and split them using our mark in and out features. Once marked up, you can switch from selective plays instantly and type in data for each marked up row.


What is a .Tempo file?

A .Tempo file is a saved “mark up” with data that coincides with a video file. Both video file and .Tempo file must have an identical name (Ex: Game 1.mp4, Game 1.Tempo) and in the same game plan folder.