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[Sticky] Official *HELP* Xbox Wireless Controller Connect to PC Thread  

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First thing to note, if you connect your Xbox Controller via Micro USB cord to your PC everything works perfect.


When connecting wireless, some issues may arise but we are here to help!

Xbox Controllers have 2 different Models

Model 1 - No Bluetooth Connect
Model 2 - Bluetooth Connect

If you have Model 2, if you follow this video everything should work fine.

If you have Model 1, you are going to need to buy an adapter for it to work wireless on your PC.

Your set up will be different than the Model 2 version. Watch this video on how to connect wireless with an adapter


If your Model 1 still won't connect with the adapter follow these steps.


Step 1: Type "Device Manager" In Search Bar



Step 2: Find Wireless Xbox Adapter, Right Click & Select Properties



Step 3: Power Management Tab, Toggle "Allow Computer to turn off this device to save power" & "Allow device to wake up the computer" to see which one works for your PC. (Every computer is different, some need both boxes "checked", others *like mine* need it unchecked)



If you still need help please post below!

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Posted : 04/05/2020 6:47 pm